Thursday, 20 April 2017

Operation Good Fortune

Look it didn't go well and I cant remember many of the details.


 The whole thing turned into something of a fighter spam fest.

I did kill this bastard though, so there's that.

 Only these two got away.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Operation Lunar Eclipse

Counter-revolutionaries aligning themselves with the extremist Jedhadist faction have begun operating in the Corellian Sector. Even while declaring allegiance to the defunct and corrupt Old Republic they have begun a campaign of terror, raiding trade routes, sending VBED's against military and civil administration installations and infiltrating the civilian population, especially criminal elements.

Two space stations have been identified as serving as hubs for insurgent activity; providing fuel and supplies for smugglers and as a staging post for raids. Task Force Broken Anvil is to locate and destroy these stations. As the stations have been under insurgent control for so long, there will be few civilians remaining and those who are present will be actively collaborating with the insurgents.

Task Force Broken Anvil
Threat assessment
Minimal - while some dissident polities are suspected of supplying the insurgents with money and in some cases actual ships, no hostile warships have been detected in the area.

Initial Phases
Intelligence on enemy presence instantly proved wrong upon dropping out of hyperspace. Insurgent ships present in force. Gozanti carrier groups GC-N78g and GC-Y49g are thrown into disarray and collide with each other and VSD Illustrious.

GSD Demolisher begins it's attack run on the left flank while Illustrious attempts to hold the centre. Cruiser Dragon attempts to reorientate itself to protect the Illustrious' stern.

Fighter wings under Mauler and Howlrunner tie up and destroy insurgent fighters, intelligence later reports that several important counter-revolutionary leaders had to make emergency jumps to evade destruction.

Later Phases
Demolisher completes it's attack run, destroying one station, right before having to make an emergency jump out of combat, having suffered major damage.

Insurgent bombers manage to breach the defences of the Illustrious forcing her to make an emergency jump.

Dragon attempts to jump out but is damaged mid-jump. She is recovered later suffering from major damage. GC-N78g is also forced to make an emergency jump after suffering losses. GC-Y49g manages to gather up the remaining tie fighters before making a safe jump out of the system.

Destruction of one insurgent station has severely degraded terrorist activity in the area. Intelligence suggests that the remaining station has been repositioned, and it will be some time before it can begin to operate safely again.

However, the casualties sustained by Task Force Broken Anvil cannot be sustained. The insurgent fleet suffered very little damage in return. This must change.

Monday, 6 February 2017

A Farewell to Arms

This post is little more than a photo dump for the 40K I am trying to offload, but it's worth noting that the Cadian mortar team below is my first ever wargaming miniature, if you don't count the fighter jet I converted to a Lightning Strike Fighter after I got into 40K.

I haven't played 40K in over a decade, and my parents recently transported the last of my stuff down to Bristol so they're here, taking up space. Time to downsize.

That nostalgia though... I might have onto the mortars.

Tank goodness!


A scratchbuilt Leman Russ "Cyclops"

A Vanquisher and an Hydra Platform when back when having some Forgeworld stuff in your army was something special...

The collection of infantry below is really quite paltry, I was always really about the tanks...

Squad w/missile team

Simple Police/Enforcers scheme

Spare flamers

Fourth sniper not pictured - kneeling pose

Also available

Blue metal SM not for sale

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Battle Fleet Gothic

I managed to sneak in just a little bit of nerdery before the end of the holidays with a game of BFG against a friend who is getting back into it. This was my first game.

Lets just fly two fleets at each other and see what happens

Insert you own Space Balls joke
There were a lot of criticals in this game. Things started off pretty well for me, when I nailed Peter's flagship with both my nova cannons (not pictured), leaving it crippled and with its port weapons non-functional.

Things went down hill from there...

Peters bombing run strikes home
Having lost a capital ship to a cheeky bombing run I also quickly ran out of escorts.

Things started to look up again after I annihilated another enemy capital, and the energies of the warp did a number on an adjacent vessel.

I finally killed Peters flagship (again not pictured) with a critical hit to the plasma reactors which this time did a lot of damage to my adjacent (and unshielded) flagship

The models are just lovely

In the end both fleets were whittled down to the point where my one capital was facing off against 2 of Peters, one of them heavily damaged.

We also broke open my new copy of Scythe, which not only lives up to the hype, but is surprisingly simple to play once you get past the bewildering number of counters and cards.

Technology cubes...

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 roundup

2016 wasn't a great year for painting or gaming as far as I was concerned; I just had far too much on.

This year should be better though, especially since moving is out of the way and I'm not committing to Salute again.

I've certainly committed to sampling a lot of different systems this year, with Frostgrave, Kings of War, Mechwarrior, Saga, Team Yankee and a number of special ops rulesets in the pipeline.

Flames is still going to be my focus though, with the remainder of the French up first.

Things will go a little slower on All That Remains. Over the holidays I was thinking of how I can streamline and simplify both the suppression mechanic and the army building rules.

At some point during the year, I decided that keeping a record of figures in/out would be a good idea, despite some insistence that "this way madness lay."

A net of 67
I was actually doing pretty well, with the numbers neck and neck, until these babies came in...

... right before the New Year, and very, very late.

The sculpts are amazing though! These will be forming the core of any forays I make into Kings of War.

Monday, 2 January 2017

5k Flames of War battle

Some photos of other people's work to tide us over until I can post my own stuff again.

Some friends were playing a 5000pt game of Flames of War over the holidays. I turned up to spectate, at least for the first part.

Part of the Soviet force - the Shermans are proxying for more T26's

The other half - all Fearless Veterans...

Half of the German force

The other half

The Battlefield

Alex forms his favourite armoured snake on one flank

The Soviet artillery park

The battlefield post setup

Things get a bit Kursk-y
When I left, things were not going well for the Germans, having vastly underestimated the potency of the AT5 FP1+ bombardment guns. A lot of German armour went up in flames in the first turn, including the King Tiger.

I heard later that the game was called before the end of the day - the players had scheduled a second just in case. As the game setup was non-standard, they agreed that if such a game was repeated, there should be some thought put into using reserves rules in order to avoid the same thing happening again.