Friday, 13 December 2013

Misc. Round up

I've not managed to get much done hobby wise, I've had a lot of things happening IRL; good stuff mind you, but not things I'm going to elaborate on here.

Add to that a good helping of good, old-fashioned laziness and you have a recipe for not getting much done.

There's even been a competition I've failed to go to due to conflicting commitments. By all reports 'Tanksgiving' at Vanguard Wargaming went down a treat. I put together a 1500pt list (which I didn't know I could do) for my Late War Cromwells, but for naught. I did turn up on the day just to say hi, and it seemed like the Axis players were cheesing their way to victory with gusto.

There. Local Interest. Bam!

Speaking of Flames of War the first of my Premium Buildings Subscription deal turned up this week, after months of delays.

Now the saga of the Premium Buildings has been documented elsewhere on the interwebs, but it basically boils down to a spectacularly bad paint job by the slave labourers workers at the company Battlefront contracted to do the painting. After giving them a bollocking they received the new shipment and sent it out to us a fast as possible. Unfortunately...

While the paint isn't horrible, its still nowhere near as pristine as the usual Battlefront offerings.

Apparently, Battlefront received a few complaints and comments on the state of some of the paint jobs and have issued an optional recall. P&P will be compensated with a free blister. Naturally, I am taking advantage of this offer.