Thursday, 29 June 2017

Gaming and painting roundup

I've finally completed decaling my Cromwell/Challenger/Firefly spam just in time for me to realise that 4th ed. is out and the units will probably change once the relevant books are published.

I decided to stay away from unit markings despite this being the reason I started decaling them up (a regular opponent was frustrated at not being able to tell units apart) as they pull double duty in different formations depending on the source book. I'll just use tiddlywinks or something to mark units when the time comes.

All in all, a fairly frustrating process, due to incomplete marking guides in battlefronts books, and little easily accessible information online.

At least I haven't buggered it up like the Char B1's this time (AFAIK)

Here's a photo of the fiddly little bastards - I'll be damned if they don't get some airtime.

I've had a reasonable amount of game time as well with a fairly tasty game of BFG

Not pictured: me helping!

and some "quick" games of Flames 4th ed.

Tetrarchs and Paras try to hold back the Soviet party bus

Significantly less gribbly panzergrenadiers try to turf paras out of their new digs

But mostly, quite a lot of Pathfinder run by Peter of Lead Rising, having wrapped up my own campaign. It's quite liberating to be a player again, although I already have ideas for my future campaigns.

Things go badly wrong for ambushing bandits as their best fighter takes a cheetah to the rear while their caster is cut down by an invisible bastard.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Final model box review

So lets see if the last model box can regain my trust, and my sweet sweet eurodollars.

Extra large box eh Modelbox? Someone knows how to retain my subscription...

Looking good...

So the reason for the extra large box appears to be providing space for the Old West style flat pack saloon they crammed in there. I don't really have a use for an Old West style saloon, but at least they're trying.

There's also five figures from 3 different ranges including a guy in a kilt!

As well as this rather spiffy shapeshifter
So yeah, I think I'm going to maintain my subscription for now.