Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Yet more Across the Dead Earth Goodies

So the latest set of figures from the boys at Across the Dead Earth just arrived (and by just, I mean about a month ago, but I've been busy!) and they are great.

I'm not joking, these are the best yet. The details great, the moulds are clean, and overall they really square a lot better than the vaguely cartoonish sculpts being produced at the start. Even the old guy with the assault rifle is pretty nifty.

So yeah, no complaints whatsoever... Nope... None whatsoever...

Pfft! Who am I kidding? What is that thing on her head, the cow lick from hell? Can you imagine the metric tonnes of hair gel it must take to keep that think up? She looks like Wakka from Final Fantasy!

Luckily, the one blemish on an otherwise spotless group is easy to get rid of. Now if only I could find my cutters...