Sunday, 29 May 2016

Thing a Week 18

And thus yellow platoon was born. It's an airlanding platoon, but it will - of course - be known as yellow platoon due to the marking on the back. It's short a PIAT but I'll be cannibalising one of the freefloating ones from the HQ teams.

Really looking forwards to D-Day gaming this weekend.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Thing a Week 17

Finally finished half of a Para MG platoon, spurred on as I was by our D-Day event to be held in June.

It's a fugly picture, but I'm really quite happy with them.

I've transitioned to using full strength PVA rather than the very dilute stuff I also have, and it's come out rather shiney. Strange, but not visible in this picture.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Thing a Week 16


These Wargames factory zombies were originally put together for a d20 Modern campaign that ended over a year ago. I've finally finished (and for that matter, started) painting them.

As they're zombies, I didn't want to sink too much effort into them so I tried following the tutorial found here. I've got to say, I'm not seeing the advantage of Army Painter quick shade, which I invested in. I didn't see as dramatic a darkening in colour as I was expecting, and the end effect seemed to be little more than a shinier, stickier, more brush ruin-y version of a devlan mud wash. Also the colours  used made them end up looking rather green - despite being dark brown and beige - where I was aiming for the baked reddish brown of The Walking Dead zombies.

Also, as with Wargames Factory models that I've painted before the definition is a little ropey, and they seem extra susceptible to blobiness.

So overall, not the prettiest job I've ever done, but what the hell, they're zombies.

I'll be leaving zombies for now and moving on to other things, but I think I'll be trying out other techniques later in the year. I believe there is a miniature painting tradition called zombtober where you spend October painting zombies for no readily explained reason; maybe I'll give that a go.