Monday, 21 April 2014

Thing a Week 5 - Scavenge Skirmish Survive Band

Hello people! So somehow, while maintaining radio silence I managed to pick up 2 more followers. Maybe I should keep this going, and I'll pick up even more subscribers!

I kid...

Most of my traffic seems to be coming from my Scavenge Skirmish Survive post and coincidentally (no really) I've got the mob I started back in August finished. Finally.

Have some pics.

I was unhappy with how they looked for a long time, but then I got some flesh on them after following some advise from the guys over at Vanguard (I hate painting flesh) and they started to look pretty good by my standards.

I decided not to try snowy bases as I didn't have the materials or the skills (I was alerted by Soviet Flames players that it's really difficult to make an even halfway decent looking snow base), and just went for what I'm calling 'Generic Wasteland'.

The models are a mixture of Copplestone, Lead Adventure and Musketeer.

Promoted to the paint tray are the rather lacklustre Urban War Syntha androids. Xander and I have pencilled in some Post Apocalyptic games using the rules, which I've had lots of fun with, but not the models, which I didn't. However, as I'm going to be playing the robot faction and these are the only robots I have, it looks like I'm stuck with them. I just need to get my recon Cromwell's out of the way first.