Sunday, 20 August 2017

Team Yankee Campaign - Games 1 and 2

Note: This campaign isn't a part of the official Battlefront global event, rather it's a campaign written by a friend for our club. Here's his intro:

"It is Sunday the first of July. This is the BBC.

As of four am GMT, a state of war exists between the NATO powers of Western Europe, and the Soviet Union. In the early hours of the morning, Soviet missiles struck British, American and German troops up and down the border, followed by an invasion by conventional forces. Downing Street has released a strong statement, assuring both the British people and Moscow, declaiming the use of Chemical and Nuclear weapons as reprehensible, and promising that any use against civilian targets will be responded to in kind. It is rumoured that Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev and more would all be targets for a first wave of strikes. The Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl, has declared a state of emergency, and has formally requested that all NATO member states immediately enact collective defence in accordance with NATO's Article Five. Declarations of war against the USSR have been made by Britain, the US, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Iceland. Declarations from other NATO states are expected later in the morning.

We now go live to our correspondent in Cologne, Martin White."

Captain Abelard is peering through the morning mist on the outskirts of the nameless village. British forces are nearby, as are Dutch and some Americans. But so are the Russians. A vehicle pushes up an alleyway, it's throaty roar giving it away as a tank before it lumbers into view. A Chieftain; the British then.

He watches the British tank for a moment as more vehicles appear from the mist. Something is making his forehead itch. The Chieftain isn't quite right, it's lines are wrong. The hatch on the Chieftain opened and fear trickled down Abelard's spine. The CBRN gear was all wrong. As he processed this he suddenly realised that the figure had locked eyes with him. For a moment that seemed an eternity, the two men stared at each other, before yelling at their crews. "Das ist keine Britischer! Feuer! FEUER!"

So this was my first game of Team Yankee and it... did not go well.

I started out by making a quite frankly insane 40" spearhead deployment down to the other (unguarded) objective. They didn;t go live until turn 6, but I thought it might be easier to defend one that try to kick Alex off the other. Chieftains are chunky bastards.

My positions at the end of my first turn
I wasn't aware when I started, and didn't really internalise quickly that tactical movement has no effect on Panther 2's rate of fire. This I spent both games effectively playing Flames 3rd ed. albeit with markedly better tanks.

Things went rapidly downhill...
Getting flanked by Alex' reserve forces didn't help.For some reason I thought I could soak them as they came on, but he got reserves straight away and within two or turns, the vice had closed, ending the battle.


Abelard's unit has limped away from its mauling at the hands of Zenit-6 Rota. Their ersatz Chieftains had performed almost as well as the real deal. His unit had been quickly reinforced as German forces rallied. What information was getting through told him that the Soviets were engaged in a general advance, with forces to the north and south of his position engaged. So far it had been quiet, but he suspected he knew why, and as the first Chieftain appeared on the other side of the town, he smiled. A chance for revenge.

Spetsnaz go hull down behind a hill
The Russians rolled forward but failed to land any hits on my units, most of which were in cover.

My return fire cost the Soviets their commander...

...and an ersatz Scorpion
On the left flank a Spetsnaz platoon armed with ATGMs advances
For the most part, I managed to keep my Panthers on my left flank safely out of range or line of sight of enemy forces.

Allowing me to do this on the right.
The Rolands, having done nothing for both games decided to make their presence felt and dashed for the opposite objective.

"Objective clear, where's our air support?"
For a moment I thought I had pulled it off, but Alex realised he only had to kill one tank to pull off a win, which he did.

If I'm being honest, I think I might have fallen afoul of the Tiger trap, where a new Flames player sees a monetarily cheap list with only 4 of what he has been assured is one of WW2's best tanks - the Tiger - and finds out two or three games in that he cant defend all his objectives and that there are more than enough things out their capable of ruining his day.

With only five Panther 2's in my list, every single loss counted. A Chieftain list suffers a similar problem, but are cheap enough to afford a few more, while not being significantly worse that then Panther 2. The Roland's did nothing other than their late game dash. I think I'll swap them out for Gepards or Jaguar 1's if I get a chance.

Things are looking grim for NATO, with Soviet forces surging across Germany. I'm sure this wont be the last we hear from Abelard or Zenit-6 Rota.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Thing a Week 24

We discovered that one of our Pathfinder witch's go to spells required secure anchor points to stick it to, so I knocked out some markers.

Couldn't really think of a fourth though, suggestions welcome

Friday, 18 August 2017

Operation Bronze Dragon - Armada

An insurgent force in possession of at least 2 large capital ships has been detected operating nearby. Navy forces are directed to interdict and destroy the terrorists before they can cause more damage.

Threat Assessment
Extreme - Deep range sensor indicate that insurgent forces are in possession of at least two large capitals from the Mon Calamari separatist worlds. They may have any number of escorts hiding in their sensor shadows.

Standby to make the jump to hyperspace.

Combat Report
I even managed to pull off a win! This was obviously down to pure luck LEET SKILLS and you should totally interpret this win as a sign of things to come.

In reality, my initial list was a little wonky and received some fine tuning before we started. To be fair I'm still in single figures of games played, and a lot of the game is list building, which I haven't really got a handle on yet.

Some of my list was fairly prescient, with the inclusion of killer android IG88 in particular, providing a hard counter to my opponents nasty unique squadron, while other parts, like the over-abundance of dice manipulation on the VSD being more or less wasted space.

ISD Avenger begins attack pattern YOLO
I managed to avoid the humiliation conga this time, with all of my ships avoiding ramming into each other for the whole game (except on purpose).

Alex was gracious enough to let me walk back on some choices during a firing phase to let me take advantage of my boarding troopers after my ISD wound up on the objective and exchanging blows with his Home One(?). The blow was fairly devastating and the ship never really recovered

Centicore pisses about behind a fighter screen while rebel Hammerheads just piss about
 We determined, after the battle, that my opponents Hammerheads were out of place, spending most of the battle doing very little, where, if they have been deployed on the opposite flank, would probably have tipped the balance.

Imperial fighter supremacy(!) kicks on while Home One gets stuck between two Star Destroyers
Things started to unwind a bit when the other rebel capital swung up behind Avenger. My dials were very badly placed and I was getting neither squadron nor engineering commands I needed.

Home One goes pop
 But with home one destroyed I managed to swing the ISD out of the other capital's arc and it spent the rest of the game trying to chase it down.

Closing actions
Meanwhile, Centicore bagged a hammerhead and got bagged by the other in return, while Warlord emptied its magazine into the defenceless transports serving as the rebel carrier.

Evasive manoeuvres
Some lucky placing meant I avoided flying my ISD off the table in the last couple of turns, but nothing else really changed.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable where my opponent got to try out an experimental heavy ship list.

We also got to try out our house rules which included a pass mechanic which worked really well and not counting flotillas for tabling, which didn't really become relevant.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Gaming Roundup

Not much on the wargaing front; I'm trying to get to grips with the new airbrush to knock out some West German armour for an upcoming Team Yankee campaign. The paint queue is mostly full of 15mm armour.

So I've been playing some boardgames, got some games of Betrayal at House on the Hill as well as a combat mechanic for a friends megagame under my belt. I've also been thinking about All That Remains again. I haven't even completed the first edition and I already want to overhaul everything...

Also played half a dozen games of a raptor based game, potentially called Raptor which elicited my frustrated shout of "stop gassing my babies!"
Clever girl
 Managed to get an intro to Fabled Lands from one of its major backers. I missed out on the kickstarter myself, but I'm really looking forwards to it. I could do with some skirmish based campaign action.

And finally, I got in some MLGpro hardcore gaming with my first cousin (once removed) with Gallina Coco!

QQ n00bs!