Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Blastastic goodies

For some reason the internet loves 'goodies' posts. I cant understand them myself, especially 'unboxing' videos. I mean seriously?

But apparently I'm in the minority. Here's the loot I grabbed at Blastastic last Saturday in Bristol.

My best value buy was probably 10 heavily discounted Modern Empress Brits, but my favourite was probably the wraith with no hands, which, with a bit of work should provide the basis for a random post-apocalyptic crazy.

I also got a whole bunch of skeletons, both regular plastic ones and undersized ones, for a purpose I shall reveal later.

Also worthy of mention is the walking penis monster (actually a GW familiar) which I intend to paint up as a walking penis monster in order to scare players when playing RPG's.

Monday, 5 October 2015

More AtDE goodies

So these girls arrived a couple of weeks ago.

I've been looking forward to them for a while. I saw the greens and was really impressed. This photo doesn't really do them justice, but they really are good. I'll be swapping out the kneeling figures AKM for an SA80, but they're definitely going to see use. Eventually.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Across the Dead Earth - Wave 3 Biographies

Olivia, Julia and Nancy are the newest additions to the 8th Battalion MI. While DC was hoping for warriors, he instead got survivors. Maybe they'll prove just as useful in the long run.

Olivia, originally from Australia, was studying at Durham when the Fall made returning home impossible. Now in her late 20's She's been wandering the UK for a while, trying to work out what to do with her life.

Yob, Two-handed Axe - 22pts


Nancy is older than she looks; a kind soul, now fiercely protective of granddaughter Erin (not pictured). The pair of them have been on the road since their village (more accurately their extended family) was ravaged, first by a water-borne disease, then looted in the middle of the night by opportunistic neighbours. The only two survivors, Nancy is interested in little more than finding a safe place to bring up Erin.

Grunt, Chainsaw - 38pts

Julia, originally from Poland, was doing barwork in the UK when she was trapped by the Fall. She and Olivia have been friends for a while as they worked in the same bar in Durham. They have travelled together ever since, picking up casual labour and living off the land. Julia, ever the adventurer, even convinced Olivia to accompany her to the continent. They managed to convince some fishermen to take them, but slipped away when they thought they heard their erstwhile captain plotting to sell them. She's been wary of strangers offering to help them since.

Yob, Pistol, Small Axe (Yes I know, I ran out of points) - 15pts

Have another group shot:

Thing a Week 12

The third and final wave of Across the Dead Earth miniatures are finally complete!

The picture's a bit overexposed, but I'm actually quite happy with them this time, other than the flesh.

Each one has a different style of flesh paint. The one on the left is quite flat and was the simplest to do. I took more care to separate the colours on the middle figure and it looks like she has a skin disease and the figure on the left took the longest, with me using all 6 flesh paints, and didn't produce a noticeable difference... I need a tutorial.

Especially happy with the highlighting on this lassies clothes. I quite enjoyed painting the women in this group. I don't often get to paint them and while I can continue painting with my normal muted colour pallet, I can brighten things up by introducing bolder colours or splashes of primary colours.

I should probably note that, while the Wargames factory female survivors are probably well dressed for the sunny southern American climes featured in The Walking Dead, they're probably not particularly well attired for Brit Apoc. No matter. The Wargames factory box is probably the best option for a versatile collection of female survivors. I'm considering swapping them out for some of the more lightly dressed Scavenge Skirmish Survive women as my group becomes more advanced.

Here's a group shot.

The dog will be replaced too...