Sunday, 12 October 2014

Across the Dead Earth band

Here are the figures I'm using for my putative campaign of Across the Dead Earth with Xander. At the rate I go they'll be fully painted by this time next year...

Appologies for the poor quality of the photos, I think the camera on my phone must be dying...

Above are the remainders of the 33rd and Jacob (he doesn't talk much. From left to right, Kevin (formerly Pvt Anderson), LCpl Starling, DC, Lt Tavistock, and Jacob.

Above are the wanderers that have joined them. Front row from left to right, Nancy, Julia, Charlie.
Back row from left to right. Olivia, Erin and 'Jaeger'.

I was trying to use up as much of my lead pile as possible, but I found myself repeatedly dipping into the Wargames Factory PA Survivors. While they are immeasurably better then their zombies, their promise of some mix and match, multi part plastic goodness is rather diminished by the fact that they only really work in their default configuration and trying to customise them doesn't really work.

Another niggle is, while they do look like survivors, they're more 20 minutes into the zombie apocalypse than third act of Threads. I suppose the paint scheme will have to compensate.

The box does contain SA80's though so there's that.

When I get the miniatures, 2 dogs will join them.


  1. Nice looking gangs. I had no idea the LAM figures where so tall!

    1. I think he might be an exception but don't hold me to that...

      My main concern is that Kevi's head looks comically huge. I did a head swap with a WWII para and I think it might have been heroic 28mm compared to Black Cats rather petite figure.

  2. A band of troops? Where? All I can see are some unpainte... oh...

    What will Xander be using?

    1. No idea, but I've just realised this is essentially intelligence gathering for him...