Friday, 23 January 2015

Across the Dead Earth campaign: final preparations

I managed to get some Across the Dead Earth in last weekend. There are no pictures as it was just a 'practice' game that Xander and I had to keep out hands in, my group still isn't painted, but it was fun, and we finalised some details for our campaign, and that's what I want to talk about.

We decided to drop the points limit down to 300pts. With no skills or advanced weapons, 400pts resulted in a slew of troops, with 13 models a side. It was still enjoyable, but I think we want to start at a lower level, so I've culled 2 copy paste characters, one of the dogs, and the little girl. They were taking up space, and not really adding to the fluff.

And the fluff is key. I've got a very strong idea of where I want to go with the story for my group, and I have background for everyone, so Xander, ever gracious, decided to play the 'bad guy.' He'll be running his own gang as well, but he'll also run some third parties, notably a cannibal gang and a group of cultists. When these gangs pop up they'll gain upgrades to a level commensurate with my group. While my storyline will take account of my various victories and defeats and the nature of my opponent I plan to focus my fluff more on my groups interactions inter game (but don't worry, there'll be plenty of batreps) as the group changes and grows.

This arrangement allows Xander to play lots of different groups and allows me to tell a narrative, something I've never really had a chance to do before.

Speaking of the inter game we've decided to modify the loot rules by taking pointers from bloodily ripping off Mordheim. The rules as written really incentive murder as the only way to get credits, and the idea that the State has an open bounty on everyone simply didn't fly with either of us. It also didn't really suit the narrative bent we were aiming for. So Wyrdstone becomes scavenged goods, heroes becomes any non-yob available for the next battle and I'm going to rewrite the unique locations list.

I'll post a file containing our modified rules when they're done.

Happy New Year everyone! Let campaign awesomeness commence.

P.S. I need ideas for a campaign name. So far I have:

A Legacy of Rust
The Inheritance

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