Thursday, 19 February 2015

More Across the Dead Earth goodies and Paintathon

Some more Across the Dead Earth goodies showed up yesterday. For a moment I thought it was the remainder of my Spectre: Operations Kickstarer, but then I clocked the lack of dinky boxes.

These ladies are very different to the first three gangs that turned up. Either the sculptors style has evolved or there's a new sculptor in town.
New figures compared against the old ones.
They're so different, that if I showed them to a third party I'm pretty sure they'd say they were from different ranges. They're much finer (for lack of a better word) sculpts than their forerunners. I'm not a scale nerd, however, and I'm not complaining, I like the new figures. They have a more realistic aesthetic, especially when it comes to the guns (there's a couple of what I think are really well realised M14s) and there's some great detail, except on the faces, which seem to have lost some detail when compared to previous figures.

From left to right, Fetish Nurse, Lady Thor, Cara Loft, Random Corset Woman and Handless Sniper

Unfortunatly the women seem to have swapped cartoonishly large guns for cartoonishly large breasts - not that Skylar was under-endowed... They've also contracted my least favourite post-apocalyptic trope, that thing where the apocalypse happens and suddenly everyone without a Y chromosome suddenly feels the urge to get their kit off and survive the harsh environment in hot pants and crop tops. Fetish Nurse is even wearing heals.

Mind you, if this is your thing, then these are the best figures of their kind I've seen. Not only are they actually more tasteful - most of the girls and gun figures around seem to just plump straight for bikinis - as I mentioned earlier, they're better sculpts than those I've seen in their genre. Lady Thor is also my favourite miniature from Dead Earth so far.

Onto what I am terming Paintathon. I've got tomorrow off, and I plan to spend as much time as possible clearing my painting queue.

Here's what it looks like now

 I've got all of tomorrow - gym and food aside. I'll also do some painting over the weekend, but the main challenge is to get as much done tomorrow as possible.

Challenge 1 - The 15mm Char B1's at the top right. Everything except decals and varnish - the decals are on their way.

Challenge 2 - The yari rabbits at the bottom left. Everything.

Challenge 3 - As much of the AtDE band at the top left as possible - clothes and flesh base colours

I think this will be as far as I can get, but if not:

Challenge 4 - The 15mm R35's at the centre right same rules as the Char B1's

Challenge 5 - Finish base coats for the Urban War Syntha in the centre

Bonus Round - Sculpt a flag onto the bonnet of the 15mm half track (it's been captured - they don't want to be bombed by the RAF)

Bonus Round 2 - Put base coat on the 1:144 Hurricane, centre top

See you tomorrow!


  1. Cool review.I do love the Sisters miniatures they are slighter in frame than there previous sculpts. I'd read the background to the Sisters it may explain things a bit as to there attire.

    They are sculpted by a different sculptor. Andrew May was for the first few gangs (Family, Redclaw and State) The Sisters were done by Kamil Milaniuk. The Engineers have been sculpted by Ian Mountain.

    1. Ok, but if the reason is 'it's a distraction' I'm calling shenanigans...