Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Blastastic goodies

For some reason the internet loves 'goodies' posts. I cant understand them myself, especially 'unboxing' videos. I mean seriously?

But apparently I'm in the minority. Here's the loot I grabbed at Blastastic last Saturday in Bristol.

My best value buy was probably 10 heavily discounted Modern Empress Brits, but my favourite was probably the wraith with no hands, which, with a bit of work should provide the basis for a random post-apocalyptic crazy.

I also got a whole bunch of skeletons, both regular plastic ones and undersized ones, for a purpose I shall reveal later.

Also worthy of mention is the walking penis monster (actually a GW familiar) which I intend to paint up as a walking penis monster in order to scare players when playing RPG's.


  1. Hate to burst your bubble, but it's actually the body of an original Bloodletter!


  2. Well, it's a walking penis's monster now. Unless you want it?