Sunday, 10 January 2016

Thing a Week 14 - TESCO


TESCO is part of my project to make some characterful figures from the lead pile while simultaneously making a selection of randomly generated level 1 characters for Darwin's World, for easy use, if I ever actually manage to get a game running.

We found TESCO squatting in the ruins of one of the Ancients' food markets. We named him after the store we found him in, filthy and alone. It's not like he's ever told us him name, or ever will, or will ever say that much. He's a mutant of some type, but there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with his voice-box. I think he's just never learned to speak.

Talking of being improperly socialised, he has no bowel control, gets inappropriately possessive of anything he considers his and wont stop following us. That's how he became part of the group. It's not like we asked him to come with us, we just blundered into his squat, catching him unaware, and after a tense stand off in which he hissed, growled and threw unmentionable substances at us, we went our separate ways. A few days later we became aware that he was stalking us.

He is fast, and very good at hiding himself. It took us a week or so to get him to come out of the shadows, another week to join us by our camp fire, and another two to get him to put on some trousers. Although that seems to have been done out of imitation rather than anything else

His most prised possession is an Ancient rifle. He clearly has no idea of how to use it, or even that it has any function other than a club. We briefly debated trying to teach him how to use it, but decided that it would be too dangerous for everyone involved. Frustratingly, he refuses to part with it.


  1. Great character and background. Nice brush work. I wonder if he has a points card?

    1. Thanks :) I am quite pleased with the way he turned out.

      There will (eventually) be a character sheet for him but I want to create a custom DW character sheet template first.

      I could provide derived stats for other systems. Any requests?

    2. Right. A TESCO club card. I'm an idiot...

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    4. lol!

      I look forward to seeing what other characters you create.