Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Status Update and IPMS Thornbury photos [Pic heavy]

A little update on where things are at.

Its been a little quiet here recently, mostly because I recently acquired a rather bigger painting project.

Namely, an entire flat

Regardless, there's an alternate history Flames of War tournament being run by Vanguard at the start of next month for which I need to put some new units together, so there'll be some photos of them as they are completed.

For now, here are some photos of last months IPMS in Thorbury, which seems to have been overrun by gamers rather than modellers (not that I'm complaining...)

Might as well use my expensive new phone for something right?

 Someone wrote up various new races for WFB and plays them at 35mm or thereabouts. It is glorious!

Pretty sure this was here last year...

An interesting Cthulhu-esque RPG-ish game with great production values that I ultimately didn't buy into.

These guys wouldn't let us play with their toys...

There was a painting competition for wargaming figures, which, last year only had three entries. This year, however.

I was mostly there to showcase All That Remains and you can nip over to the All That Remains blog for pics.

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