Friday, 21 July 2017

Thing a Week 22

Greetings inkeep! My name is Twicelord Quell Osman Urth Jadhak. No, no. No need to bow. I and my companions merely wish to sample your wine, and maybe cast our eyes over your menu. Just stew? Well, I'm sure that will be lovely. Oh, a very strange land, a very long way from here, why don't you get yourself a glass and let me tell you about the Great Spindle of the Airwise Nepf.

This is my character in the game of Pathfinder I'm currently playing. I think this might be a rare case of the figure looking better in the photo than in reality. My attempt at blending didn't really work in my opinion, and my attempt at non-metalic metals in red on the shin guards and (hidden) chestplate (not really visible) didn't really work. It's also the first time I've made an attempt at doing eyes, and he looks a bit maddened. 

I had to extend the cobbling around his base so if fit properly on a 25mm base and it works well enough if you dont look too closely.

I realized half way through him that it's been a while since I did 28mm painting.

In the end, it's good enough for my purposes.

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