Friday, 23 March 2018

Thing a Week 32

My first stab at the unambiguously post-apocalyptic for the AHPC, with this guy.

He's a scavenger, he has a rusty pipe, an a la mode scavenged wardrobe and he is ugly as shit.

I painted him with colours that just happened to be on my palette while painting other items. Other than the neon orange, a recent acquisition from Model Box. I decided to give him a modern climbers rope and somehow it managed to throw the entire scheme off. Not that that's a huge problem, he's a post-apocalyptic scavenger, not a hipster.

So my mother says I'm hard to buy presents for. It shouldn't be that difficult, I give her access to my amazon wish list, and a request not to buy novelty key-chains or tat.

Come play with us human...
With that in mind, here's a tatty, novelty key-chain that she got me for Christmas. I decided to re-purpose it as a miniature, perhaps an animatronic mascot at a long abandoned theme park, or even just a piece of art.

It lights up it's eyes and makes a tinny meowing noise when you press the button on it's head. Just what you want going off in your pocket all the time. This is where our planets precious finite resources are going people...

Come play with us... forever...

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