Monday, 10 June 2013

First taste of (Early) War

I played my first game of Early War recently. My French troops are still stuck in the great Battlefront logistics SNAFU so Olly, who has the grace and foresight to collect forces in matching sets lent me his French, facing off against his Germans.

Arial recon shows Panzers closing in
At first I thought the battle would be a curb stomp battle in my favour, what with the massive amount of anti-tank guns I was fielding, but Olly played very intelligently, and I only managed to destroy a few of his tanks, before he swarmed the objective.

There was a lot of faffing about in woods before that happened and both his Panzers and my Char B-1 spent a lot of time bogged down. Admittedly mine were because they wanted to move above walking speed.

I was contesting the objective when the game ended, and I could have rolled up my literally invulnerable B-1's to bring some hurt, but Vanguard was closing and with a couple of platoons destroyed to Olly's couple of unit, he really deserved to win.

Pointless infantry are pointless.
Early War is a really great change of pace and I have a lot to learn. Given the amount of machineguns the early war german tanks are packing, my infantry really stand no chance against them in assault. I had to keep on reminding myself that they didn't have gammon bombs... I really should have had them dug in in a block over the objectives as a meat shield for the anti-tank guns, meaning that Olly would have had to assault the guns in order to shift the infantry. As it was my units were strung out and were destroyed peicemeal.

The Bolivian army gets another look in...

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