Sunday, 9 June 2013

Operation Overlord continues apace

So I've managed to wrack up another two losses for the allies, the first against a treacherous Soviet force against which I managed to hold my own, despite underestimating the power of 21 massed SMG squads, until their reserves dropped onto the objective and annihilated my defending platoon. We were playing breakthrough.

My counter attack was successful, leaving Olly needing to pass a Company Moral check to win the game. He passed.

The second game was a slightly less graceful loss, with my para's getting chewed up by machinegun fire. I lost two 6pdrs in one turn to small arms fire. I also left my Tetrarchs exposed, despite the darkness and with their leader killed, they were unable to flee the assaulting tank hunters,

The right flank goes up in flames
My actual assault managed to punch through to the objective, despite taking heavy casualties but Alex's force was essentially intact and his counter-attack destroyed them, leaving nothing to recapture the  launchpad.

It's easier if I imagine this as a Bolivian army ending...

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