Friday, 2 September 2016

Thing a Week 20

So I managed to push out three and a half platoons in four days. I hate painting at the best of times, but more so when I have to do so industrially, under a deadline, and when it eats up my entire bank holiday.

I watched 3 seasons of Cougartown (now 100% cougar free) the latest season of Ripper Street and hours of YouTube lets plays while painting these bastards.

In any case I am now ready for our Midwar alt-history game on Saturday.

The final 2 MG's for my para MG platoon

A full 25pdr battery

I've got to interject at this point. The rifle platoon consisted of the worst moulds I have ever received from Battlefront. Details were muggy or non-existent in places - one command figure was missing his face.

Front and centre. That's not just blurriness. He has no face.
I will seriously be looking at PCS plastics when I get round to my D-Day company.

And finally some Matildas to round out the force

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