Sunday, 25 September 2016

Flames of War - The Snows of Erzurum

We recently fought our alt-history mid war Flames of War tournament, over the oil fields of the Caucasus.

I managed to pull of a victory in my first round match, admittedly against an opponent who hadn't played in a while. It was still a close run battle.

The important part of the battle was fought along this rail line.

While my reserves advanced along it from the North

The final assaults were bloody, but well executed - especially by my standards.

We skipped the second match and decided to play a large battle royal, where British and Soviet forces managed to put aside the differences which had plagued the campaign, and faced off against three German companies.

Panorama time!

A close up of Stus massive soviet blob. I believe most of the infantry in the centre is one unit.

The whole field. Left to right, my previous opponent, another soviet player, me.

A close-up from my guns

From the German side

My paras begin their advance up the rubble strewn streets

More blobbiness on the right. Everyone was very closely packed.

The Soviets in the centre set up a firing line/meat shield.

Soviets advance on the left flank. (The red gems are SMGs)

Both armies meet in the centre of the board.

Losses begin to mount on the left flank

The centre left has a lot of clear ground

The Soviet blob seizes the centre

While my spotter (building right) calls down the pain on bunched up German troops

My advance slows to a crawl as I encounter an impenetrable looted KV1 and German infantry readying themselves in buildings

While the left flank cleans up and closes the distance
Not pictured; the German forces facing me getting nailed by British and Soviet artillery, pushed back by paras and routing piecemeal.

There were ticking victory points available throughout the battle, and although I didn't manage to contribute much in the early game, by early late game we were comfortably ahead. This, combined with the fact that I was the only one on my side to win their first round, led me to an overall win!


On the objective I took on the last turn - mostly for showboating reasons...

1st for being more or less worthless

My troops that linked up with the Soviets on my left, in order to attack the final German troops holding the centre.

My extreme right flank; the unit that pushed through ready to attack the German rear area.

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