Monday, 6 February 2017

A Farewell to Arms

This post is little more than a photo dump for the 40K I am trying to offload, but it's worth noting that the Cadian mortar team below is my first ever wargaming miniature, if you don't count the fighter jet I converted to a Lightning Strike Fighter after I got into 40K.

I haven't played 40K in over a decade, and my parents recently transported the last of my stuff down to Bristol so they're here, taking up space. Time to downsize.

That nostalgia though... I might have onto the mortars.

Tank goodness!


A scratchbuilt Leman Russ "Cyclops"

A Vanquisher and an Hydra Platform when back when having some Forgeworld stuff in your army was something special...

The collection of infantry below is really quite paltry, I was always really about the tanks...

Squad w/missile team

Simple Police/Enforcers scheme

Spare flamers

Fourth sniper not pictured - kneeling pose

Also available

Blue metal SM not for sale

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