Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Battle Fleet Gothic

I managed to sneak in just a little bit of nerdery before the end of the holidays with a game of BFG against a friend who is getting back into it. This was my first game.

Lets just fly two fleets at each other and see what happens

Insert you own Space Balls joke
There were a lot of criticals in this game. Things started off pretty well for me, when I nailed Peter's flagship with both my nova cannons (not pictured), leaving it crippled and with its port weapons non-functional.

Things went down hill from there...

Peters bombing run strikes home
Having lost a capital ship to a cheeky bombing run I also quickly ran out of escorts.

Things started to look up again after I annihilated another enemy capital, and the energies of the warp did a number on an adjacent vessel.

I finally killed Peters flagship (again not pictured) with a critical hit to the plasma reactors which this time did a lot of damage to my adjacent (and unshielded) flagship

The models are just lovely

In the end both fleets were whittled down to the point where my one capital was facing off against 2 of Peters, one of them heavily damaged.

We also broke open my new copy of Scythe, which not only lives up to the hype, but is surprisingly simple to play once you get past the bewildering number of counters and cards.

Technology cubes...

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