Thursday, 3 August 2017

Gaming Roundup

Not much on the wargaing front; I'm trying to get to grips with the new airbrush to knock out some West German armour for an upcoming Team Yankee campaign. The paint queue is mostly full of 15mm armour.

So I've been playing some boardgames, got some games of Betrayal at House on the Hill as well as a combat mechanic for a friends megagame under my belt. I've also been thinking about All That Remains again. I haven't even completed the first edition and I already want to overhaul everything...

Also played half a dozen games of a raptor based game, potentially called Raptor which elicited my frustrated shout of "stop gassing my babies!"
Clever girl
 Managed to get an intro to Fabled Lands from one of its major backers. I missed out on the kickstarter myself, but I'm really looking forwards to it. I could do with some skirmish based campaign action.

And finally, I got in some MLGpro hardcore gaming with my first cousin (once removed) with Gallina Coco!

QQ n00bs!

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