Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Operation Goulash - British Tanks Engage Facist Sympathisers!

My second game of Operation Goulash seem the lead elements of British armour going up against elements of the Arrow Cross.

At a 1000pts my Armoured Reconnaissance company was stretched thin across two objectives, and heavily outnumbered.

Fascists advance on the left and right - and hide in yellow building
From the start, the game balanced on a knife edge, with I unwilling to commit fully to any one objective or able to take advantage of my mobility,
Arrow Cross blackshirts take cover in a wood under machinegun fire
I attempted to lure and skewer the StuGs (my main worry) with my scouting Cromwells, but succeeded in only attracting the Hungarian artillery.

And exchanging a few long ranged shots to no effect

Meanwhile, on another table, the main British armoured column ran into a StuG company...
On my right, my smaller platoon and HQ platoon bombarded the infantry holed up in the yellow building, while taking fire from supporting German aircraft.

In the heart of the action the StuGs re-positioned and brought the pain to 1st platoon...

Killing two in exchange for one of their own.
 The flanking infantry manged to finish off the platoon, who were bailed and vulnerable, protected only by the IC in a tetrarch. He managed to put up quite a fight, but was eventually blown up by with a panzershrek. They really should have redeployed...

As it turns out, I would have lost anyway, as you can now put yourself out of good spirits by having a platoon out of command, so even if I had won the assault, I would have failed my formation last stand anyway. Something to remember for the future.

The captured flaktrack burns as my line collapses

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