Friday, 10 May 2013

Copplestone Vickers Independent

An upcoming VBCW game has given me the opportunity to invest in a Copplestone Vickers Independent Heavy Tank. As with the Lancaster armoured car I bought from them the individual pieces are really well cast and detailed, but require a little thought and work to actually fit together.

I decided to use brass rods to secure all the gun barrels and re-purpose the superfluous magnets from a box of Battlefront Cromwells to secure the secondary turrets, which I could see toppling off at the slightest provocation during gameplay.

Overall a pretty solid model.

I dunno... I think it needs more guns...
I'm going to paint it up for VBCW, then weather the sh*t out of it to get some further use out of it in Post-Apocalyptic games.

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