Sunday, 19 May 2013

Thing a Week 3

Finished off the Vickers Independent just in time for VBCW Kursk, and added the final touches to the Lancaster Armoured Car for a full 3 points.

You cant really see it in this photo but I really went to town with the Devlin Mud. Most of the detail work went into the tracks, with a slightly dodgy orange rust effect which quickly got smothered with mud. I'm pretty happy with it.

I considered covering it in painted slogans, a la Spanish Civil War vehicles, but slogans that look or even sound cool in Spanish (or Russian) seem a little trite to me when written in English.

 I'd like to modify and earlier statement I made about the detail on the Independent. While the detail that's there is good, while looking at reference photos, I noticed some major ones are missing, especially on the tracks. Notably, the drive wheels are just blank circles and the two flat rectangles (see above) are supposed to be cavities - air intakes maybe, also the tracks are rather short on definition.

The completed Lancaster

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