Sunday, 12 May 2013

Thing a Week 2

Here we are, a month later, with my second thing!

At this rate I'll clear the lead pile sometime in 2054...

Where's the rest of my bloody tank?
I'm really quite happy with the second Firefly. I discovered a new way to do the tracks; a drybrush of a metalic mix over Tin Bitz. Unfortunately it got mostly covered by a kind of sloppy mud application... I also found a good colour for the camouflage strips with a mix of Khaki and Iraqi Sand. It's not showing up on the Firefly turret in the picture above, but it and the tracks show up much better below.

Next up, the Alien style Genestealer, another two Cromwells to complete my minimum legal force and as a matter of urgency, the Vickers Independent in VBCW livery.

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