Monday, 2 January 2017

5k Flames of War battle

Some photos of other people's work to tide us over until I can post my own stuff again.

Some friends were playing a 5000pt game of Flames of War over the holidays. I turned up to spectate, at least for the first part.

Part of the Soviet force - the Shermans are proxying for more T26's

The other half - all Fearless Veterans...

Half of the German force

The other half

The Battlefield

Alex forms his favourite armoured snake on one flank

The Soviet artillery park

The battlefield post setup

Things get a bit Kursk-y
When I left, things were not going well for the Germans, having vastly underestimated the potency of the AT5 FP1+ bombardment guns. A lot of German armour went up in flames in the first turn, including the King Tiger.

I heard later that the game was called before the end of the day - the players had scheduled a second just in case. As the game setup was non-standard, they agreed that if such a game was repeated, there should be some thought put into using reserves rules in order to avoid the same thing happening again.

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