Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Flames of War Typhoons - Cannons vs Rockets

Ever summoned in an airstrike in Flames of War from a Typhoon?

Then you'll have noticed that while both it's cannons and rockets hit on a 3+ they have differing firepower and anti-tank.

The cannons weigh in at AT8 and FP5+ while the rockets have the lesser AT6 but a better FP at 3+.

This probably stopped you for a while, especially if you were strafing enemy armour (and to be honest, why would you be wasting your air support on enemy infantry) as you wondered about whether it would be better to fire your cannons or rockets, especially given your targets varying top and side armour.

It was while pondering this mystery, book in hand, midway through my turn for the umpteenth time that I decided I'd had enough, and was going to run the variables through Excel.

The answer to the question, "When should a Typhoon fire its cannons?" is surprisingly, never...

Excel never lies...

If you ever run up against an enemy vehicle with the top armour of a Panther and the side armour of a Tetrarch, then go to town (and send me a photo, because I don't know what bizarre hybrid that would be) statistically speaking it doesn't matter which weapon you fire. Also infantry that aren't in bulletproof cover are legitimate targets for either weapon, but in all other cases the Typhoons rockets are clearly superior.

If in doubt, fire rockets!

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