Tuesday, 2 April 2013


So, I thought it was about time I got in on this wargaming blog scene, seeing as everyone and their (game playing) mum already has.

As a form of mission statement, this foray will serve three purposes.

Firstly, it will give me an outlet for writing beyond what I do for RPG's, which tends to focus on the short term and the mechanistic. Admittedly I wont be writing prose here, but at least it will be (directly) for an audience.

Secondly, it will force me to get through my lead pile, as I will be trying to do a Thing a Week! even if it's as simple as a single 28mm figure or a single stand of Flames of War Infantry.

Thirdly, I'll be attempting to report on the Bristol gaming scene in all of its diversity. I may not be the best placed person to do so, but I'll certainly give it a shot. The shear diversity of the gaming scene in Bristol deserves one. With a bit of luck I'll be able to get some contributors to report on events which I don't attend or from the point of view of a player of a system I don't play.

With that said, I wish you all goodnight. Hopefully I'll have some real content up later this week.

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