Monday, 22 April 2013

Taking Stock

I appear to have been receiving a respectable amount of hits - albeit probably from confused Google users searching for something completely different - and I've noticed that I've fallen behind quite substantially with my posts.

It happens. After the initial burst of enthusiasm these things tend to lose a little steam. I intend to keep on going, however, and to assist in this I decided to write a list of my wargaming projects, mostly for my own advantage, to keep track of things.

The only game I actually have forces assembled and painted for is Flames of War and unsurprisingly this is also where most of my attention is concentrated.

British Paras - Both for Mid and Late war. This is my 'flagship army' and the one I intend to complete all options for. I just received some Commandos for Late War and I'm really looking forward to fielding them with their 2+ to kill in melee and German Mission Tactics rule. They'll fill out one of my only remaining missing slots from Turning Tides.

French Early War Compagnie de Combat - I ordered the constituent units for this army in something of a rush, for a competition that I ended up not going to, which was probably just as well as this was when Battlefront's ongoing supply line problems kicked in. Half of the order - including the core units - is still to arrive, so I think I can safely leave this one on the back burner.

British (Cromwell) Armour Squadron - I started putting this force together for a Tank Aces campaign that is yet to materialise, which is, again, just as well, as the remaining elements of my 900pt force have also been delayed by Battlefronts supply problems. This is what I am working on right now. I've decided that after I've reached the requirements for Tank Aces I'm going to build it up to a minimum size legal force (which it doesn't have to be under Tank Aces rules) and leave it at that.

Every other system in my lead pile is from a third party supplier rather than one of the big three (GW, Battlefront or Privateer) so its all rather fragmented. I've got a starter box from Urban Mammoth's Urban War - which no one else plays (future post on that methinks) as well as another starter force for the Kickstarter-ed Deep War - again something no one seems to play despite the excitement it caused when it was floated.

Back in the WW2 milieu, I have a box of 28mm Commandos originally bought for Operations Squad. The moment for that particular system seems to have passed, however, I'm pretty sure there are a couple of people in the club who could be persuaded to give it another go. I have Bolt Action's 'Bolt Action' rule set as well (what can I say, I'm a sucker for rulebooks) but I have no desire to build up a platoon sized WW2 28mm army. I also heard that the rules were rather uninspiring. I'm torn between selling the lot, and building them for the hell of it. I'm sure a small group of commandos might be useful at some point in Lincomb Barn.

I have a 6mm Soviet Combat group - for use with Modern War Commander or whatever - to complement the metric ton of 6mm British stuff I bought some time ago.

The bulk of the pile is random 28mm goodness; a lot of it post apocalyptic or post apocalyptic convertible. I recently discovered that I have 4 rules sets of varying quality for post-apocalyptic games, and I'm writing one myself (aren't we all). I really need to get cracking with them.

Anyway, here's what I hope to paint this weekend; a Firefly for the Armoured Squadron and a test paint of a genestealer for the cope of spacehulk I acquired. There's loads of these bastards so I think I've going to go the Alien inspired route. Lots of glossy, highlighted black. But mostly black.

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