Sunday, 7 April 2013

Thing a Week 1

So I did promise you, my putative readers, and myself, that I would paint a Thing a Week, so here we have it.

For your delectation I present two M10 Tank Destroyers and a Cromwell armed with a 95mm CS howitzer.

The flap camouflage on the Cromwell could do with being darker. I picked it out in Iraqi sand, and hoped that the wash would darken it, but apparently not enough. I'll know for next time.

From a gameplay point of view, the CS Cromwell is a bit of a write off. At 50pts for an attachment to the HQ which is worse than a standard Cromwell I don't think I'd ever take it in a real list. It's really just here to make up the points for a long overdue Tank Aces Campaign.

I'm thinking of being lazy and simply painting up a Cromwell turret to replace it, rather than paint up a whole new vehicle, given that I'd probably never field it outside a 700pt Tank Aces list.

The models are all from Battlefronts range.

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