Thursday, 20 August 2015

Across the Dead Earth - Wave 1 Biographies

These three men are the core of the Across the Dead Earth group I am assembling for our putative campaign. No doubt it has been replaced of late for obvious reasons, but hopefully, Xander and I will be able to return to it once All That Remains is in a good shape.

Military Intelligence 8th Battalion (reserves) was one of the last units to be called up to police the streets of Fall Era Britain. While many men did not report to their posts - for various reasons - these men heeded the call to arms, for what it was worth, and were in uniform as civilisation as we knew it went through its final death throws.

During the aftermath, as other men made their way home to loved ones, a motley collection of men found themselves alone and coalesced under DC's command. Following their military instincts, they did what they could to survive, living off the land, providing protection for other survivors, raiding groups they found to be... acceptable targets. As the situation stabilised they found work hiring themselves out as mercenaries to the new settlements, again usually as a protective force, but sometimes to break up raider gangs and other assorted malcontents.

These three are all the remain of the original cadre, others having died or settled in the new communities of this new world.

DC, Starling and Tavistok find themselves at a crossroads on their new lives - twisting in the wind - unable to settle and unable to let go of the past. So they agreed, one last contract, and then, something different.

"Captain" DC

DC - formerly Captain - when not commanding his men in the field, is a quiet, withdrawn man, a far cry from the imposing figure Tavistok remember stalking the corridors of the barracks. Something seems to be driving him, however, the face of a man in an ageing polaroid he keeps in his breast pocket.
Now in his late forties, DC finds the melancholy of his existence settling heavily upon him. 

Grunt, Leader, Pistol, Contract - 65pts

"Lieutenant" Starling

James Starling - formerly Lieutenant - is a gentle soul. Two tours in Iraq and the crumbling of civilisation failed to crush him, but his attempts to lift the souls of his comrades since The Fall have not been well received. These days he sticks to heeling peoples physical, rather than psychological wounds.
Now in his late thirties, Starling is thinking of finding a settlement that might benefit from skills and appreciate his less pessimistic view of this new world, and hopefully persuading his companions to settle with him.

Grunt, Shotgun - 35pts

"Lieutenant" Tavistok

Richard Tavistok - formerly Lieutenant - rounds out this triptych of thoroughly dysfunctional ex-military survivors by displacing his feelings with copious amounts of sarcasm. Those who remember him from before The Fall say he hasn't much changed.
Now in his early thirties, Tavistok lives from day to day, trying not to think to much about the future, and what it once held.

Grunt, Rifle - 35

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  1. These chaps turned out really well mate :) Definitely looking forward to shooting them! ;-)