Sunday, 23 August 2015

Across the Dead Earth - Wave 2 Biographies

Charlie and Jaeger are long term civilian associates of the rump of 8th Battalion MI. For obvious reasons the military group picked up its own band of camp followers. These two are all the remains.


Jaeger has insisted on being called Jaeger ever since joining the Battalion in it's declining years. No one knows what his real name  is, except possibly Tavitok, who claims it's "Clive". This, along with his trench-coat, sunglasses and katana all help disguise the fact that he has no real personality.

Grunt, Scimitar - 33pts

Charlie was the irritating child of one of the men of 8th Battalion MI and got swept up into the camp followers as the formation settled into its new role as a sometimes mercenary group. Her parents were killed shortly thereafter, an event she seems to have recovered from fairly well. She has grown into, what Tavistok, at least, considers an irritating teenager, but one seemingly well adapted to the Post-Fall world.

Grunt, Pistol - 30pts 

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