Monday, 17 August 2015

Thing a Week 10

I have spent the last two weekends in the Deep Nerd.

Last weekend I spent having the first "project meeting" for All That Remains then the next day I was at IPMS Thornbury, where I picked up some spikey death worms and some 15mm ruins.

This weekend was spent doing basically nothing but painting, and my output was so prodigious that I completed a whole 3 models that I'd already started and completely painted 2 others.

I just had to get something out of the paint queue. The thing has been completely inundated by Highland Spring Water Clansmen and something has to give.

So have a pic of my first wave of Across the Dead Earth warband.

This photo is perhaps a little over exposed, but I'm fairly happy with these guys, apart from the flesh. I think I really need a good tutorial for flesh.

I'll post individual biographies for all the characters later this week, as well as the scheme I used for the camouflage, as I never found one I particularly liked.

The figure in the middle has a coloured base due to a comment made by a friend I was playing an introductory game of AtDE with. He said that it would be a great help if the different classes had some way to distinguish themselves.

Here, I've coloured my Leader's base yellow; running on Star Trek rules for now - not that I know much about Star Trek.

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