Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Painting British MTP

I'm quite proud of the camouflage I painted on the first wave of my Across the Dead Earth band.

I wasn't able to find a guide I completely liked, but I was trying to replicate the simply gorgeous paint job found here.

I used the paint colours found there, with the exception of the Dark Sand.

I actually tried three slightly different styles; the below is the scheme I followed for my favourite result.

The figure was based with Russian Uniform and then had 'reverse patches' painted onto it with Military Green

Streaks - rather than patches - of English Uniform were painted on top
Patches of Khaki were added, then little squiggles of Iraqui Sand,trying not to overdo the latter.

Finally squiggles of German Camo Black Brown are added

Probably better seen from the rear on this figure

The others were approached in slightly different ways.

My commander - the first attempt - started with 'splotchier' base colour patches, and I attempted to find a place for the Dark Sand, which I think made his trousers too light.

With my sniper, I tried a scheme reminiscent of my Flames of War Para's, in that three main camouflage colours were all painted on top of the first, which itself covered roughly 75% of the base colour.

Like so
Like I should be writing painting tutorials anyway. If you have a good tutorial for British MTP, please share it in the comments.

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