Thursday, 6 August 2015

BAOR driven back by Soviet armour

MoD Spokesman: Challenger not as OP as previously thought.

NOTE: This post might make more sense if you've read this thread.

Today, Challengers and support elements from the BAOR were driven back by a division strength Soviet armoured formation.

The local commander was apparently overconfident in the ability of the new tanks and broke from the standard doctrine of waiting in a gunline, and went "for a cheeky T-72 hunt."

British troops are said to be regrouping at a second phase line.

Images have been coming through from our European correspondent.

Soviet armour is reported to be advancing in force
The local commander was, unfortunately, surrounded and destroyed by surprisingly nimble T-72s
Rear echelon units were also caught up in the Soviet advance.
I had to tun these photos through 3 filters to get this effect. First they were taken with a programme called Camera 2 using it's 1980's setting, then the top two were run through a programme called Glitchr and finally through Androids own photo editor to add the frame. It's not exactly a slick process, and I may not bother in the future.

As for the game itself, both Stu and I had fun, Stu no doubt more-so because he one. I definitely made some grave tactical errors, but a turn of appalling shooting should have salvaged things for me, id my return fire hadn't been equally appalling.

Challengers are not invincible and Stu's rapid advance and quick gamble with his T-72B's placed him behind my front armour in 2 or 3 turns.

A few metagame elements probably also helped. At this scale the units are much smaller but the terrain footprint (especially buildings - admittedly we used Epic buildings) is the same as 15mm. This meant it was relatively easy to hide entire platoons behind a single building in the centre of the board.

The rules need a review, and possibly a few hotfixes, but I think they'll certainly tide us over until Battlefront stumps up Team Yankee. It certainly will be interesting to see how thing stat up in the official rules compared to this homebrew.

For the record we used normal distances, so we were essentially playing Flames with smaller units. We agreed that this felt natural.

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